Home Minister in Bangladesh.

Someone who is stupid as fuck.

Anyone who is influential but has a moronic level of intelligence.
If you still cannot figure out what a bokachoda looks like turn on news channel.
by S@ifur's April 25, 2016
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Calling someone a bokachoda is like basically calling someone a dumb fuck.
He's a total bokachoda. He's such a dumb fuck.
by Erudite July 17, 2005
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Bengali slang for Goat fucker.

When used to a friend: Hey dude.
To stranger: very offending.

Bokachoda...betichod! eai ne amar nunu.
tui ekta bokachoda, amar nunu choos. means: u goat fucker, suck my dick.
by poopnyohat October 04, 2005
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Directly translated means "STUPID FUCKER" - but used in all contexts by Calcutta rogues and professionals to alert their friends that theyre talking out of their poopshoot.
Mukherjee: I shagged yer mum last nite and it were great!
Banerjee: "Sala Bokachoda!" You couldnt even satisfy a goat! Go fuck a goat you Spicemonger!
by Sambwah Rude February 20, 2006
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