Riddhi Mukherjee is one of the strongest people out there! She is extremely funny even in the most serious of situations she manages to make you laugh. She also makes good stickers. She is a sloth lover. She is one of the most loyal people you will meet.
I wish Riddhi Mukherjee would like me backkkk :(
"are you MADDDDDDDD" said Riddhi Mukherjee
my stomach hurts from laughinggggggg stop itttt Riddhi Mukherjee
by itsasecret ;) January 15, 2021
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it means meow meow or big piggy piggy. He is smart, intelligent, multi tallented. He loves coding He also loves his peru!

oh yeah foreget to say. He is big piggy
by tae_rona⁷ June 16, 2021
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An Indian boy who sucks at every videogame except for Minecraft survival. He doesn't get any hoes but he plays a lot of video games. Definitely not fat.
I'm such a fan of Rijul Mukherjee. Rijul Mukherjee? He's so boring lol.
by AnonymousCucumber06 June 04, 2020
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