Boing Boing means large breasts, with the term 'boing boing' referring to how large breasts bounce .

The term was popularized by Vtubers from Hololive.

See 'rushia is not pettan':
See `Pekora is Boing Boing`:
"I am not flat! I am boing boing!"

"I heard she's unhappy with not having them boing boings."
by NotXA October 9, 2020
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A state of having excess physical energy.
"How are you today"

"boing boing boing boing boing"

"Ahh, you are bouncing off the walls!"
by Pagarodog November 23, 2009
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The motion that a penis makes while becoming erection quickly.
I told John that i'd like to give him a blow job , and he went Boing Boing Boing.
by SexyAndIKnowIt6979 March 5, 2012
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Eccentric use in place of "Bling Bling". Usually said by caucasian males of age 18-22.
Caucasian #1 : "Haha, dude - you totally owned that guy!!"
Caucasian #2 : "Bo bo bo!"
by R! May 27, 2003
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'fool' in the language of Spanish
(9th grade broken Spanish)Aye Caramba, porque es tu muy mucho loco bobo!?
For Crying out loud, why are you very much a crazy fool!?
by David July 2, 2005
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an idiot. Someone with severely diminished mental capacities.
He's a real bo- bo. I don't know how he got hired.
by slipsheet November 3, 2004
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generic shoes, probably bought at Kmart
"Bo Bos, they make your feet feel fine.... Bo Bos, they cost a dollar ninety nine"
by Matt Vaughan October 21, 2006
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