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A hooligan's sport, played by gentlemen. A sport in which the select few athletes that can compete in such an activity are looked upon as homosexuals by those who cannot. (Note: above definitions)
by Steele August 07, 2003
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Secksy, a variation of Sexy with a BIG difference. Sexy is what it's called when you have a sexual interest in a person. Secksy is when you realize that others may have a sexual interest in a person. I.E. A man can call another man secksy and still be straight, whereas calling him sexy indicates gayness.
Guy#1 "I look uber 1337, no?"
Guy#2 "Secksy!"
Guy#1 "Lets go pick up some womens!"
Guy#2 "Right on!"
by Steele May 20, 2004
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Invented by me, "Womens" is a double plural for women. Indicating ALOT.
Man, I had sex with some womens last night!
by Steele May 27, 2004
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Another classic from the 'rofl' series. Somewhat like 'rofl cakes' or 'rofl copter' this is the rofl slide. Commonly seen in online games such as Counter Strike. See example for usage.
n00b: I suck
by Steele April 11, 2005
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A bogie is a person who does not belong or someone who is "set apart" from the crowd. If you were standing next to a homeless crack head, he would be referred to as a "bogie", that is unless you are a homeless crackhead. The background of the word comes from golf. A bogie is rarely pleasing and is avoided at any cost.
Look at that bogie standing over there taking it in the ass.
by Steele October 17, 2004
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