Badass Ukrainian, literally means "Gift of God', but lets be honest, it's too good to be true. Calm guy who listens to music everywhere and thinks of becoming famous one day. Loves his friends and hoes & judges people for the shoes that they wear. Ball is life, fashion as well. He lowkey likes maths too. 2/3 of his life revolves around music. Plays all sorts of instruments like a pro. Doesn't care what genre the music he is listening too , as long it is good stuff. Respects his enemies, greatest fight within himself.
Not even gonna lie, Bogdan is a pretty cool dude.
by Skrypka January 3, 2018
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Bogdan is a tall person with a good personality. He is also really good at football and sports. He want to become famouse one day. He is also romanian but thinks Romania is a bad country. He is a very good looking person and has very funny jokes. He loves his girlfriend and flirts with all the girls. He also loves video games and is really good at them. He is also very strong physicaly and emotianly and doesn't cry a lot. He also loves watching youtube in his spare time. He also hangs out with his friends a lot. He respects his enemys. He also likes music and listens to it a lot. Most Bogdan are also slavs .He is also very good at maths and at making friends. A lot of girls like him. He is a very interesting person to talk to and has a lot of things to talk about.He also talks a lot and doesn't give other people a chance to talk. He is also a captain or leader who has a lot of ideas and is very smart he even takes responsibility upon him self if his team loses. He is also very comfortable talking to his friends.
Bogdan is a good leader
Bogdan is sexy
by Idkwhatnametouse April 18, 2019
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He is the most amazing human being on the 🌏
Smart, know it all 👨🏼 🏭, handsome, funny with a sexy smile that could light the whole 🌃 🌞

He has superpowers too 🦸🏼 ♂️ He is always there next to you, never fail to amaze you.
Hey, Bogdan!

You are so amazing and you are doing great things each day!
by Alex1506 January 26, 2020
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You’ll find Bogdan on some dating apps, he’s tall, handsome and has this killer jawline, so just swipe right if you see his name. Definitely the type of guy who won’t go eat kebab with you, but will take you to eat something “fancier” instead. If his name is Bogdan, he likes to cuddle FOR SURE, I’d say it’s his favourite hobby, so girls, just keep him around (he’ll let you choose any movie you want(except for human centipede)). He enjoys going on dates, listening to music, driving around and has an amazing style that he’s still figuring out. Being open minded is his specialty, as well as scrolling on tiktok. PLEASE SIMP OVER HIM!!!! HE LOVES THATS
Ughhh, stupeeeeeeed” - Bogdan
by Caro/pom April 12, 2021
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Literally means gift from God, but lets be honest, this is too far to be true.
Also known as Satan's child or the devil itself. Things will always go they way they want even if they don't seem to. Better keep this one close or you will go through hell.
Did you see Bogdan's look today?
Yeah, it's like he is a different person sometimes.
by Chapstickcute November 14, 2017
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A tall, peaceful mother fuka(1). Looks weak and likes panzie soccer. Likes math but keeps it real with his hoez. Afraid of snakes and playa hataz(2). Likes class in women(3). Drinking before clubs is a must for him. Doesn't underestimate the predictability of stupidity(4). He thinks Romanians are the shit but he'z wrong. They're probably not. Preposterously sociable, aiight? 1/3 of his life revolves around music and that's cool...fukin fairy. Confident but self doubtful. Respects his enemies(5). Greatest fight within himself.
(1) "I like you. You like me?"
(2) "I'm a peace keepa but I have my goddam limits"
(3)"Nice shoez, wanna fuk?"
(4)"Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity."
(5)"Don't be diiiisin ME"
by MysteryMan April 24, 2005
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Bogdan is a tall guy who is Romanian. He is very sweet and kind, having a great personality. He has brown hair and brown eyes, he is very cute and a soft boy in general. He tends to be very gay but in a good way. He loves and cares for his friends despite how it may seem like he's scolding you at times. He is excellent at math and typically enjoys it very much. He's often very logical and straight forward, he tries his best to be respectful to everyone, even when talking to his enemies. He sometimes takes everything very seriously but knows how to joke around and have fun. Overall, Bogdan is one of the best people you can meet and you should keep them with you forever. He's very perfect.
EX1- "Who's that guy? He gets every math question right.."
"Oh that's Bogdan"

EX2- "He's kind of cute"
"Sorry, sister. He's gay."
by NeutralArtistWasHere May 9, 2019
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