The first stage of a verbally transmitted disease.

Usually nonfatal and asymptomatic, however, once it progresses to Stage 2 (Ligma), it is extremely dangerous. Stage 3 (commonly referred to as E-TMA) is incredibly uncommon due to the Ligma's astronomical fatality rates (99.87%), and thusly has never been observed in laboratory conditions.

Currently, Bofa has no known cure and can only be treated temporarily by passing it on to another host. This has caused Bofa infection rates to skyrocket in the recent weeks, in what is being referred to as "a verbal pandemic outbreak" of unprecendented scale. Passing Bofa to a new host also causes a surge of dopamine in the original host, promoting further proliferation.

The evolution of Bofa into Ligma has been shown to be linked to online presence, most often to real-time videographic streaming specifically. Those individuals involved in videographic streaming are strongly advised not to stream content until the trigger conditions for Ligmosis are identified and preventative measures are developed.

Also see Sugma, a variant strain of Ligma on which little research has been conducted.
Fortnite Player: Did you hear about Ninja? He was streaming on Twitch when he caught Ligma and died!

Me, an Intellectual: He must have been an idiot. You can only contract Ligma if you allow Bofa to go untreated.

Fortnite Player: What's Bofa?


Fortnite Player: *contracts Bofa*
by Leer Key July 28, 2018
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Bofa the disease before Ligma. “Bofa has a crush on you!” “Who’s bofa?” “Bofa deez nuts!”.
It’s not deadly until you get Ligma. Can be cured if you pass it on to someone else.
Guy 1: my dad has Bofa :(
Guy 2: what’s bofa?
Guy 1 Bofa deez nuts!

Guy 2: *Fucking Contracts Bofa*

Guy 2: I’m going to the store want suggma?

Guy 1: what’s suggma?

Guy 2: Suggma dick nigga!
Guy 1: *Contracts motherfucking suggma*
by LilFlightRisk July 21, 2018
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When you put both of (bofa) these nuts down your throat.
Hey do you like bofa? No. What the fuck is that. Dude are you shitting me you've gotta love bofa. I don't fucking know what it is. It's bofa dese nuts down your throat bitch.
by Applejacks1898 December 29, 2015
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Bofa is a non-destructive disease preceding ligma. No-one knows the exact cause of bofa, however some studies show that it can be closely related to Twitch streaming. Onset usually begins at age 20-30 years.

Less than 0.01% of cases don't progress to Ligma, however, ligma is always preceded by bofa. Currently the cure for bofa is passing it on to someone else.
Guy 1: "I'm sorry to say this, but you yourself have bofa."
Guy 2: "What's that?"
Guy 3: "Bofa deez nuts."
by FakeSoundcloudRapper July 25, 2018
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a word for started off the deez nuts joke
" Hey jeff did you know bofa got big ' bofa who?, "bofa deeznutz
by meaaaat December 2, 2015
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We don't know much about bofa.. but some people do..
Yo have you ever tried Bofa?
No, and can you let me go from your basement?
by BrainPlayz January 26, 2022
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