a congratulatory hand shake in which the 2 people involved make there hand close so that all fingers are touching at a point, then one person takes top and one takes bottom, and use a light shaking motion, no contact is involved. online the symbol lll- is used
"yea we won, gimme sum!"
by red the ceo August 25, 2007
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literal translation: 'You must be giving me some pussy/gash'

i) used when someone is saying something which is completely and obviously a lie.

ii) Used between 'ghetto brethren' or Caucasian 'wannabes' in British council estates when referring to an attractive woman who is spotted.

iii) When talking to your woman; asking whether she will 'get freaky' with you.
i) 'Me wagwan got head off of tree gals yesterdaii!"

'Nah mandem! Me affe gimme sum punani blad!'

ii) 'Blud, me affe gimme sum punani wiv dat wun!"
' Sick bruv, she'z dank innit!'

iii) 'Me julie, me affe gimme sum punani on valentine's day?'
by ItalianStallion30 March 21, 2010
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