A large and picturesque town in mid-cornwall famous for it's 18th Century Gaol, historic church and ruins of an old Abbey. Originally named Bosvenegh in Cornish, meaning 'place of the monks'.

Today however Bodmin is infamously known as Teen-mum capital of the South West, Chav Town and Scumville.
The best places for spotting these common lifeforms is as follows
Teen-mum(s): Outside Icelands in Fore Street, Wetherspoons pub and can also been seen smoking, swearing and spitting outside the infant schools
Chavs: Usually seen near cost-cutters or flocking like seagulls after the bin lorries on bin day.

You can fill your evenings in Bodmin at any of the numerous pubs, and later at the shitehole known as Eclipse, where you can buy booze for your children, drugs for yourself, or, if you are a young couple you could probably purchase a few children.

There is also fun to be had watching the Police trying to catch any escapees from St. Lawrence's mental ward, witnessing the boy racers screeching their Kevved up shitmobiles through the town centre, or if your stomach can handle it, watching said boy racers copulating with their underage, pasty skinned schoolie girlfriends down at Priory Park.

One other enjoyable daylight pastime is to have a walk along the delightful Camel Trail where you can treat yourself to the challenging sport of dodging dog shit, hypodermics and used condoms.
Bodmin: Used as a conversation stopper

'Where are you from?'


by eds80 November 15, 2011
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Chav central of Cornwall, you don't want to be left alone there at night OR in the day. People often use this as an insult. It is very good for being able to discribe someone as chavy or a pikey.
Insult: e.g. "You going Bodmin" Or , "Oh My Bodmin" Or, "Bodmin" (plainly)Or "Your muffas from Bodmin".
by G.Bird November 28, 2006
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A place of un-employed, underaged, sexed up females and males. Also known as 'Chav capital of Cornwall'. Bodmin is home to many chavs, skets, pikeys, dicks, cunts... whatever you would like to call them. Bodmin is also in some ways a very atttractive place to visit, eg if your looking for one night stands and pubs then this is the place to go!

Bodmin is also useful if you want to offend someone. Eg 1

''Are you from Bodmin''
''Haha, how's life down there, any murders recently?''

Eg 2

''I heard your mum was from bodmin?''
''She is...''
''That explains why she slept with my brother then...''
by Jonny Huggins August 11, 2009
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Bodmin famous for its old Goal (prison), that's the only good point even if it is now letdown by developing it.

No the bad bits more commonly known as DogBin, it's the armpit of Cornwall.

The public toilets have unsightly metal boxes attached inside on the walls for the druggies to put needles in that they have all shared for heroin, also the toilet blocks are places to avoid not only because of that it's also the smell and the sounds or groaning of two men enjoying a lockin in a cubicle.

Then the town it's self a lady on every corner, well I say lady.

They have knickers attached to braces so they don't have to pull them up any more.

Then we have the youth "wait a min they are on the corners as well" waiting for the local delivery service where you can get anything you want expect for groceries.

Even birds fly upside down over Bodmin as it's not worth shitting on !!??

Bodmin is connected to Wadebridge via the camel trail, Wadebridge people try to block it of as to stop dogbiners coming into Wadebridge.
Let's go to "Bodmin" as we want to enjoy the local cuisine of age old crusty knickers
by Your all wimps September 7, 2020
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The amount left unpaid when a group agree to each pay for their own meal in a restaurant and the total of each person's contribution adds-up to less than the total bill.
The usual solution is then to add an equal fraction of the bodmin to each persons share.
"Well guys, the bodmin is $5.50 - so that's 55 cents each."
by Tedm January 28, 2006
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The phrase, "going Bodmin" refers to the Cornwall County Asylum opened in Westheath Avenue, Bodmin in 1815, much of which is still in existence, although it has now been turned into housing. The phrase, "gone" or "going Bodmin", relates to this and actually means, "going mad" or "simple". Indeed, if you describe someone as being, "a bit Bodmin", you are saying that they are not in full control of their mental faculty!

There was even an episode of the Cornish TV sitcom Doc Martin which used this definition when they named an episode, "Going Bodmin"!

Besides which, if you ask any proper Cornishman about the people who live in Bodmin, he'll tell you that they tend to be a strange bunch...
Basically, if someone is referred to as "going Bodmin" or being, "a bit Bodmin", then he/she "ain't right in the head"!
by Jedi Locksmith August 14, 2013
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(Brit) Someone who is going wandering around the moors (originally bodmin moors of Cornwall), ghost like
Ancient divination describes bodmin as gothic symbol for murder and madness.
Commonly mistaken for Barmy
Someone who is going Bodmin is someone who is highly anti social but very disciplined.
Could also mean if someone who can talk hours and hours about the meaning of a silly thing for example bodmin itself!
What are you going on about...boy, looks like you will be going bodmin yourself!
by Ramesh12345 March 25, 2008
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