The phrase, "going Bodmin" refers to the Cornwall County Asylum opened in Westheath Avenue, Bodmin in 1815, much of which is still in existence, although it has now been turned into housing. The phrase, "gone" or "going Bodmin", relates to this and actually means, "going mad" or "simple". Indeed, if you describe someone as being, "a bit Bodmin", you are saying that they are not in full control of their mental faculty!

There was even an episode of the Cornish TV sitcom Doc Martin which used this definition when they named an episode, "Going Bodmin"!

Besides which, if you ask any proper Cornishman about the people who live in Bodmin, he'll tell you that they tend to be a strange bunch...
Basically, if someone is referred to as "going Bodmin" or being, "a bit Bodmin", then he/she "ain't right in the head"!
by Jedi Locksmith August 14, 2013
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(Brit) Someone who is going wandering around the moors (originally bodmin moors of Cornwall), ghost like
Ancient divination describes bodmin as gothic symbol for murder and madness.
Commonly mistaken for Barmy
Someone who is going Bodmin is someone who is highly anti social but very disciplined.
Could also mean if someone who can talk hours and hours about the meaning of a silly thing for example bodmin itself!
What are you going on about...boy, looks like you will be going bodmin yourself!
by Ramesh12345 March 25, 2008
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