Obviously a boat full of hoes! included in the movie step brothers
Il do you in the bottom while your drinking sangrea, natchos and lemon heads on my dads boat, you wont sink becuase my dick can float! Boats & hoes
by XlukeX December 03, 2008
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Teenage girl who goes on cruises for the sole purpose of fucking. But they no class so it's usually on a bench or some shit. The equivilent of sleeping with a sex doll
Matthew: hey I lost virginity to a boat hoe

Chris: shut up Matthew that's the 15th time you've told me.
by ThottiePatrol69 February 28, 2018
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On a Navy ship, that is what the sluts or whores are called.
There's a lot of boat hoes on this ship.
by Cat Anderson August 09, 2008
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Shipboard Navy girls who give it up at the drop of a hat. But not neccessarily with a single partner at once, or with just the opposite sex. More often than not, best kept in the dark or with her face covered.

"Fuck 'dem boat hoes!!!"
by LordKhyron75 October 07, 2003
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The first super smash hit by Brennan Huff and Dale Doback in the movie "Step Brothers" under the record company Prestige Worldwide.

Brennan and Dale took Dale's father's sailboat and used it to film the song. No one was steering the boat so it crashed into the shore and was demolished.
Dude, I just set "Boats and Hoes" as my profile song. That song is fucking awesome.
by ConeBone August 07, 2008
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A long-running pun by Minecraft Youtuber Mumbo Jumbo in which chests at the end of redstone contraptions always contain boats and hoes.
"It all looks nice and ready inside for you to pick up your boats and hoes, so that you can have a fantastic time without having to look at all of those ugly piston faces."
by ButterEmperor November 12, 2016
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