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1.Mexican/American food consisting of a base layer of tortilla chips always topped with cheese but other complimentary ingredients include: beans, diced tomatoes, salsa, hot sauce, sliced jalapeno peppers, sour cream, sliced avocado or guacamole. Can be prepared for any occasion.
All I have in the fridge is a bunch of left-over mexican food ingrediants, a ton of cheese, and these tortilla chips.
I'll just make natchos.
by mossy sloth March 19, 2008
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when someone with a lot of balls goes up to a random dude and takes there two middlest fingers and shoves them up the dudes gutch area
nick sulken: dude check this dumbass frehsman out
*freshman drills locker in pain

mike cook: dude look its josh rosenthaul, HEY DUMBASS FREHSMAN NATCHO!
by big harry dilly October 17, 2006
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