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Abbreviation for "big nigga season". This is the winter, when it's cold with little exercise and lots of food.
Person 1: "Damn, why everyone so big?"
Person 2: "Chill homie, it's bns"
by YaBoiTroy February 11, 2017
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An acronym rapidly growing in popularity. Short for Bitches Need Slappin.
(Zach)Man, my girl is actin a fool. (Paul) Yeah man, I'm tellin ya, BNS.
by Tom B White March 06, 2006
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Noun. An acronym for the phrase 'Boys and shit' most notably used by J-Roc of the Trailer Park Boys.

Usually refers to a close friendship between 2 or more people who tend to hang together often.
"Hey! I thought we were BNS!" - Guy 1
"Yeah man, don't even worry, we're BNS!" - Guy 2

"I gotta bring that guy 'cause we BNS." - Guy 1 referring to who he's BNS with
by Trabajo de los Manos November 06, 2011
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Fucking retard redneck cunts that get a shitty VT commodore and put a 5 post bull bar and some bogan retard stickers such as bullet holes, such is life, the southern cross and anything to do with hitting a fucking kangaroo. You put 13 big fuck off aerials that only connect to one broken UHF and you suck your dads dick.
by Lord fuckquad July 23, 2018
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Pro-noun. Bitch Nigga Syndrome. A disease acquired via genetics or social affiliation, that inhabits the trait of being a straight up Bitch Nigga.
Thelma slapped Alexs left nut, and Alex didnt even do, he must have BNS
by Risky Escobar December 10, 2010
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Brief Nasal Snort. Used in place of LOL to show what you actually did in front of your computer, reading your IM/blog comments/forums.
<Charlie> Why did the chicken cross the road?
<James> Because he was high and told old jokes until his friends blocked him from MSN?
<Charlie> BNS, no
by caveman-jim August 22, 2007
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