Person1: I wish I had an online journal like you.
Person2: You can! Just go to
by SwiNgeR July 12, 2003
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Blurty User: BLURTY RAWKS! (except we have SLOOOOOWWWWWWW servers!)
by Unknown March 4, 2004
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The sound when you put your mouth (lips) against part of a person's body and blow.

The blurtie sounds better when you perform this on a person's chest or cheek.
When a new baby is born, the mother does a blurtie on the baby's stomach to calm the baby.
by DILMS July 11, 2006
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someone named Curtis who wouldn't stop blurting, our teacher invented blurtis.
This test makes me blurtis!
by woppingfoo March 22, 2019
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