When one receives a Blumpkin inside of a dumpster. This is a way to keep the blumpkin a bit cleaner.
I got a blumpster from a bum the other day, he was collecting cans, and i had a couple to offer him.
by Chimo946 December 18, 2007
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variation of a blumpkin with a very important distinction. sexual act during which a man shits while anally penetrating his lover. the distinction here is that a blumpkin must be on a toilet, whereas a blumpster can occur in any location.

a real pro can execute a pretty logical chain of events between a blumpster, a hot carl, and a blumpkin.
"Dave ate some bad Indian food last night and shit himself while ramming Kate's pooper. It was an accidental blumpster, alright!"
by Slutty Skank October 13, 2005
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giving a blumpkin to a bum in a dumpster
Man it sucks being homeless but i forgot all about that when that bitch gave me a Blumpster last night
by EndLeSsRaGE March 10, 2011
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