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A saying used by many bowlers, after making a turkey (three strikes in a row), in their bowling match. This is followed by taking a closed fist, putting the other hand that is open on the knuckles, wiggling your fingers, indicating feather movement for the turkey you have made, and then gobbling the "turkey call".
Danny: Tabitha, you got a turkey!

Tabitha: Oh, yes!! I'm on a roll!

Danny & Tabitha: *make the hand turkey* Bluh Bluh Bluh!
by @TheRoseBowler March 1, 2017
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Fuck You... I ain't listening anymore.
My boss gave me some shit and i responded: "BLUH..BLUH..BLUH.."
by RICHARD NOGGIN May 20, 2004
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Another rendition of the word blah, but more fun to say. Exchanging the a to a u just makes the word kinda plop out of your mouth when you open it, giving it a nice bluuuuh kinda sound. Bluh can also be used with additions of exclamation points, carrots, and my favorite, the money sign. eg. bluh! bluh^ bluh$
by kjay April 3, 2003
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Bluh is a word said by someone who just doesn't give a damn.
Friend 1: Dude my girlfriend is such a bitch.
Friend 2: Bluh.
Friend 1: What?
Friend 2: I really don't give a damn.
by Pikman January 20, 2011
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Person 1: I am the very best example of mechanic ephitomia.
Person 2: Yes, that is indeed gravelating. Totally coolio, dudester.
Person 3: Bluh?
by Blazer April 15, 2004
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it's slang for saying Blood but hwen said fast it turns to Bluh.
Its what blood call each other or to greet each other
"whats up Bluh"

"Yo, what it do Bluh"

"Where you from Bluh"
by SkuFF_ January 24, 2008
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feeling tired and annoyed or generally not well
by alsnsndmmss September 1, 2018
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