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A strong strain of mostly-sativa cannabis, possesing blue-green color leaves.
"Man, that blueberry yum-yum I bought from Luda was amazing, it got me so high and fucked up!"
by NoVa December 22, 2004
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Type of Weed made popular by Ludacris, it is a slightly hashy weed with a fruity taste simmalar to blueberry's. Better stuf (stuff *real* growers smoke) tastes more simmilar to a rough black berryish taste, also the plants are not as pale in Ludacrisis video those are probly Skunk or Dutch because blueberry forms darker shades of green/blue as it gets closer to where they bud.
blueberry yum yum? sweet heart, dont settle for weed if you want real chronic have soem of my Dutch Fire Dragon..
by John Smoker July 02, 2006
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chronic ass weed- the kind that makes you choke and reach an inner peace; derived from Ludacris with help from the language Jag.
"Let's get some bluberry yum yum and get high my nigga."
by Jake January 10, 2005
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The weed that will knock any veteran smoker on their ass, and make the rest immobile. Smells dank, looks dank, and tastes like blueberry. Gives a very unique brain high coupled with a great body high.
- "I had been smoking on medical trainwreck and hindu kush for a month, and then when I went back to the 253 my buddy hooked me up with some blueberry yum yum and one joint knocked me on my ass for hours."

- "Me and my friend shared a blunt of blueberry yum yum and we couldn't finish it, and my friend couldn't move."
by TheChronicKingWes115 December 04, 2009
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a type of weed that has some hwo been grown with a blueberry plant so that it has a similar flavor to blueberrys.
Yess, fire fire got me so tired ima stop drop and rooooooolll
Put a wet towel under the doooooooor
Dont pass it I cant take it no mooooore
Somebody take a trip down to the stoooooore
hurry please cus i need some snacks snacks snacks snacks
and how long will it take to get back back back back
Yes indeed ima lil off track track track track track
Off this weed and im full of that yac yac yac yac yac
Get on in that stinkin Lincoln crank it up and riiiiide
and it aint enuff room to fit the other chicks inside
Im so hungry wit tha munchies ima eat everyting insiiiiiide
Me and my blueberrys together and everythings all right
by educator of the haters April 11, 2005
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Blueberry tasting weed that Ludacris tried out before RLD and a little after Chicken-n-Beer. He talks about in his song in the Red Light District album
My bag will put your stuff to shame... I got the Ultimate Mary Jane
by Dj Dirty February 19, 2005
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