Gods Of Halo 2, Bitch Slappers of Red Team.
We'll make the Red Team our bitch
by God April 9, 2005
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The better dance team. Currently holds the record for more wins over the rivals, the white team. They pretty much win every year in the school wide dance competition, consisting of two teams, 4 dances.
Nobody messes with the blue team!
by A.B. Cee May 12, 2011
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Only the coolest trio ever. if you are part of blue team you are cooler than hendrix, jesus, and god himself. blue team always has blue pre-wrap bandanas and sick hoodies.
"blue team is a so called third team in capture the flag"
by Graham-Bo July 11, 2008
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Connecting the thumb and pointer finger together and docking with another persons thumb and pointer finger in an up and down motion.Invented on south side of Chicago in early seventies.
Jeff had just parked his VW microbus and was so elated to see Linda and the crew he called for a Blue Team Handshake all around.
by rOYAL SMALLNESS January 30, 2018
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The team that, in reality, has no chance of winning a Keg race. They like to do boring things, not drinking kegs.
Sean: Hey Robbie, I'm on the Keg Race Blue Team for Keg race. We're so awesome!

Robbie: You know that the Blue Team has no real chance of winning.

Sean: I know, I just like to think we do. I wish I was on Black Team

Robbie: Ya... boo ya
by Five Dollars October 12, 2009
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Best, hottest, superior, team. whoops white teams ass every single time. everyone on blue is perfect in every way. all the other teams beside Blue Team are absolute freaks with no friends, social life, family, money, or anything else. If you are on blue team you can live with the pride of being amazing
“Did you hear how Ryan won Best Person in The World?”
“Yeah. He must have been on Blue Team.”
by diagrea May 11, 2022
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