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When one moons another person while clenching an orange, clementine, or tangerine between their ass cheeks.
When he turned the corner he was surprised by a gentleman who was blue mooning some Finnish tourists. Nothing but ass cheeks and two rather large navel oranges.
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by DickFingerDave May 15, 2018
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Taking very large doses of diphenhydramine, a anti-histamine over the counter allergy remedy, to experience sedation and vivid visual and auditory hallucinations. Abuse of diphenhydramine incredibly dangerous because it puts you in a state of pure delirium. Long term abuse of diphenhydramine has been linked to brain tumors.
Person A: Lets go over to Peter's house.
Person B: No way man that guy is blue mooning on Benadryl. He is Insane!
Person A: You're right people shouldn't be getting high off allergy medication.
by Bluemoon shine September 03, 2010
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