The second rarest eye color. 1.Green Eyes 2.Blue Eyes 3.Brown Eyes
no example for blue eyes
by Link972 December 9, 2009
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A human eye color that range from a very light, vague blue to midnight blue. Blue eyes were originally a genetic mutation in a person who lived 10,000 so it spread (inbreeding was probably involved in the early days) which means all blue-eyed white people are related.

Blue eyes are associated with beauty and they can be beautiful and celestial or dull and boring. They are also associated with femininity sometimes though, studies have shown blue eyes are more common in men in Europe, Canada and America.

It is said by some that blue eyes may die out. They may be declining in America but that is unlikely to happen.
Sarah: John's eyes are such a pretty, deep blue.
Emily: I wish my eyes were darker, mine are just light blue and dull.
Sarah: You know, if you were to get married, you'd be like inbreeding
Emily: How so?
Sarah: Because all blue-eyed people descended from one person
Emily: Yeah but we're probably like 30th cousins by now.
Sarah: Well whatever, blue eyes are just eyes after all.
by BlueEyedBoy January 10, 2013
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1. An eye color
2. A nazi aphrodisiac.
A: "What color are your eyes?"
B: "Blue."
A: "So you have blue eyes?"
B: "Yes."

A: "Hey SS soldier, I have pics of blue eyed people."
B: "Where is the nearest bathroom, I have a boner... Ill need to borrow those pictures as well."
A: "So you must love blue eyes right?"
B: "Only when complemented with blond hair and a reich."

by reaperofgenocide December 11, 2008
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Powerful Individual. Ability to seduce any man women or beast. Know lover of cunninlingus, producer of extermely potent sperm. Magnificant footballer with amazing dead ball accuracy.
An amazing man with blue eyes. Who usually has a beautiful woman on his arm. Has at least 8 kids with different women who loves football and sex or both
by rottonmind June 14, 2013
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Boys with blue eyes are generally the most awesome type of boy with the most beautiful eye color. Another very common feature of blue eyes is a large penis that goes with it. These boys are also very good in bed. In general, if you're a girl look for a boy with blue eyes
John has blue eyes so therefore he is very good in bed and has a large penis.
by Blueeyedwonder November 20, 2013
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The most beautiful eye color in the world! More brown-eyed people are extremely jealous. That's the only reason why they try to say that brown eyes are better.
Blue eyes are amazing

No brown eyes are!

Your just jealous
by Graywells August 18, 2015
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A well pounded butthole. Usually in homosexual men, but can be found in whorish women.
Baby won;t you turn my brown eye blue?
by Bud E Love May 2, 2003
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