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1. Abject FAIL. Refers to a situation wherein a man, seeking pleasure from an attractive woman, spends much of his efforts, money and time on wooing said woman, but in the course of the evening, ends up philating a goat instead.

2. Description of an incident or string of incidents wherein everything has not gone your way, or has ended in shame or failure.
1. "My buddy was trying to mack on this chick, but got all drunk and puked on her and her friends. man, he totally blew the goat."

2. On my way to work today I ran over a kitten. At work I fucked up a huge account and lost the company over 9000 dollars. On the way home from work, I crashed my car. When I finally got home, my wife is packing and says she's leaving me and taking the kids. I went to get the gun to kill myself, but didn't have any bullets. Today really blew the goat.

3. I lost my job today. Man, this really blows the goat.

4. I wrote this all myself. Therefore I blow the goat.
by skippytheheathen June 09, 2009
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