An ode to Beastiality sung to the popular childrens' tune "Row, row, row your boat"
"Blow, blow, blow a goat,
Screw a kangaroo
Finger bang an orangutan
Horny at the zoo!"

See also Fuck a Duck
by Akedos September 23, 2008
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When you are doing something you hate so much that you would rather have a goat penis stuck in your mouth. Or when you totally screw something up.
When Travis asked Jeremy "How do you like your new job", Jeremy replied " i'd rather be blowing the goat"

When Jeremy asked Travis "How did your test go", Travis said" I really blew the goat on that one"

After spending the day with his inlaws, Travis called Jeremy and said "man, I'd rather be Blowing the Goat
by STR8JACKET6 October 16, 2009
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The simple act of telling some one to fuck off without using these exact words.
by Chiz Nizzle April 04, 2003
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1. Abject FAIL. Refers to a situation wherein a man, seeking pleasure from an attractive woman, spends much of his efforts, money and time on wooing said woman, but in the course of the evening, ends up philating a goat instead.

2. Description of an incident or string of incidents wherein everything has not gone your way, or has ended in shame or failure.
1. "My buddy was trying to mack on this chick, but got all drunk and puked on her and her friends. man, he totally blew the goat."

2. On my way to work today I ran over a kitten. At work I fucked up a huge account and lost the company over 9000 dollars. On the way home from work, I crashed my car. When I finally got home, my wife is packing and says she's leaving me and taking the kids. I went to get the gun to kill myself, but didn't have any bullets. Today really blew the goat.

3. I lost my job today. Man, this really blows the goat.

4. I wrote this all myself. Therefore I blow the goat.
by skippytheheathen June 09, 2009
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a bad situation, something that is not good. similar to 'that sucks', only worse.
I came home last night and somebody broke into my house, stole all my stuff, and broke out the windows. Man, that really blows dead goats.
by Fred Neck March 02, 2007
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Derrogatory term invented by the WBVA(wello boys vigilantee assosiation)Often hurled at escaping criminals, or ungratfull police officers.
Go blow a goat you fuckign uless pig.
by Wello boys _05 March 07, 2005
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