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A cross between bored and lazy. Used mainly over the weekends.
Jessica- Hey.
Adrianna- What's up?
Jessica- Nothing much, just being blored.
Adrianna- Don't you have a garage to clean?
Jessica- Yeah, but I'm busy right now.
Adrianna- With what?
Jessica- Weren't you paying attention? I'm busy being blored!
by Mizz_Fit October 13, 2006
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Blored (adj): When one attains a state of being blazed out of his/her mind, then suddenly and unfortunately bored off his/her ass.

This state is commonly accompanied by 'bunchies' which is our bodies natural defense mechanism against the 'boredom x munchies equation' by filling the emptiness of time with eating massive amounts of food.
Brian: Hey, did you call me?

Chris: Ya bro, what are you doing? I'm blored as fuck.

Brian: Sorry man I'm at work!

Chris: Shit. I'm so blored.

Brian: Ya. I'm at work, peace.
by Bushes of Kooshes February 27, 2012
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The state of being bloated and bored simultaneously.

When you want to say bloated and bored, but it comes out blored.
β€œHey Babes, how ya feeling?”
β€œI’m blored!”
by QueenLC August 06, 2019
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