Just like Kahoot but you can get a monke icon.
Blooket monke.
by Deadboydoor517 October 18, 2022
Blooket is a trivia and review tool that allows educators to “level up classroom engagement” Blooket is a gamified learning platform where teachers host games through question sets and students answer on their own devices. This is an assessment-centered tool, specifically formative assessment. (taken from google lol)
"We are gonna play blooket today"
"well shit"
by mistervalerie June 11, 2022
playing the game blooket in mr mcdonnells 6th grade second period social studies class.
let's get blooketing
by Shaggiel June 3, 2022
what the blooket?! “
ur a blooket “
by 4sparagu5 February 18, 2022
A person who hacks blooket but wins everytime
Damn did you see Aldo playing blooket today?
Yea he’s a blooket king
by vstaury December 22, 2021
The better version of Kahoot; it combines learning and fun, and there are different gamemodes to play!
Class, today we will be playing Blooket, so get out your personal learning devices and get in by entering this code!
by Drizzile2744 January 29, 2023