The sound/bubble(s) made when a woman farts after you cum in her ass.
She let me blow my load in her ass, but then she blooched all over the sheets.
by The Shoat March 09, 2005
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The act of coughing during a bong hit that causes water to shoot out of the bowl
I took to big of a bong load and blooched bong water onto the carpet
by Silverbear November 26, 2011
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Italian American slang for Blue Cheese Dressing. Yet another example of Italian Americans making up their own words by shortening and butchering the english language.
At a restaurant. "Can I have a house salad with Blooch on the side"


At a pizza place. "Yeah, I'll take a sicilian and a regular slice with a side of blooch."

the counter guy had no clue what Blooch was.

"You know, Blue Cheese Dressing"
by FI Blooch July 13, 2009
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When someone's being slightly bitchy, but not super bitchy.
"Kyle is being so annoying, I swear."
"Stop being such a blooch, Karen."
by bloochyboi December 19, 2017
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