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Middle aged gay men that think they're on the down low when everyone else recognizes that they are, in fact, gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
While boutique shopping with my wife, ceramic cats were being caressed by local blo-mos.
by Stafford553 September 01, 2017
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An African-American homosexual male who otherwise fits the definition of a twink. Generally hangs around white heterosexual females and knows a lot about hair and nail care, and love sparkly formfitting outfits.
Guy: "Who the fuck was that guy you were having lunch with?"
Girlfriend: "Don't worry about Eric, he's a total blomo."
by kdeezy20 July 10, 2008
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"Blonde Moment" in shortened form. Can also be used as an insult.
I just had a blo-mo and locked my keys in the car.

Quit blo-moing, you've spilled your drink 5 times now.

She is a walking blo-mo.

Girl: I can't find my glasses!
Boy: They're on your head, blo-mo.
Girl: Oh haha, thanks
by thefrogy8thefly July 02, 2012
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a black-out makeout. A hookup that you do not remember.
"If I wouldn't have had all those shots, I wouldn't have had that blo-mo last night."
by schmidty788 September 27, 2009
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