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an ice cream treat from Dairy Queen
their treats are awesome
"DQ Blizzard" is an oxymornic play on word
because Blizzards are so awesome
and DQ means delinquent
DQ Blizzard are generally used as an unfavorable adjective to describe a noun
also used to describe a terrible Blizzard recipe.
Describing a recipe
"yo homie it's hot out let's get some blizzards" - Pedro
"ya man i heard of this new recipe anchovies and chocolate" - Durnsy
"yo that's a DQ Blizzard' - Pedro

Descrbing a situation
"I was working this terrible Queue at work today" - Liam
"you're DQ you have to be more strategic" - Jen
"I'm DQ blizzard" - Liam
by Credit Analyst I August 23, 2011
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