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Bley is a colour of grey used in newer Lego sets. Before bley, the standard light and dark gray colours were used. When AFOLS complained that the standard grays were too orange in colour, Lego started producing bricks in the Bley colour
That MOC had a strange mixture of bley and gray pieces.
by 'John February 15, 2009
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To "suck" or to be insufficient at completing a task. Commonly used in the video game Call of Duty Black Ops, aka Bloppies, players and teams are often harassed using this term and usually retreat to cry in a corner as a result.
It can also be used to describe a situation as bad or unfair.
Team A: Yo, you guys bley. We effn hoifed you guys, 200-0 FUCK WITH US.

Sitty: Yo this game bleys, it's laggy as shit.
Kush: Yea it's even worse then Neggy's krum hole.
Neggy: ROUR!!!!!
by worstkrusty December 19, 2010
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The consumption of individuals of mexican heritage who are employed as professional wrestlers in order to increase one's own body mass.
HHH bleyed Eddie Gurrero in order to become HHHH
by Sanchissimo October 21, 2003
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