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When a black supremist and a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party are in the same room, people are often heard shouting "Blazi" as the two words "Black" and "Nazi" are mixed, to create an insulted, offending compilation that would often end up in a ravish beating of the insultie.
Joe: *Whispering* Dude, check the black guy that just walked in
Blaine: *whispering* Shit yeah, look theres a nazi!
Joe: Oh my god, they're "blazi's"! *forgetting to whisper*

*peering round in pure hatred*
Nazi: was haben Sie rufen Sie mich an?
Black: Say what? aaaaah hell no!

*Mass mauling for Blaine and Joe consisting of shinfucks and gas chambers*
by Ryan Hawkes June 16, 2008
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