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feeling lazy and unmotivated
hey what do you want to do today.

what oh i dont know whatever dont care.

Man your ass is blazay!
by jak420 August 07, 2008
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A misspelling of the word blasé, or a dialectic representation of it. It means: apathetic; indifferent; bored; lacking enthusiasm; unimpressed.
From a phone-texting conversation:

"Yo, let's go hang out with the gang!"
"Meh...I'm feeling blazay today. Too much hedonistic fun for too long, man."
" mean blasé?"
"Shut up!"
by Wisdawn January 22, 2018
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Something you say to someone after making fun of them and they have no come-backs.
You fucking rat-dick, ring meat, queen gutter slut penny whore!... Blazay Blazay
by John Thomas February 07, 2005
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