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Blasting Nuts, or the act of Blasting a Nut, is when something happens to a man that is so awesome that he explodes in his pants, one step above Bust Nuts, One step below Nuke Nutz.
When you lift heavy ass weight, heavier than you've ever lifted before, you have blasted nuts.

Me- "Bro, I just heard that hot weather girl is going to be giving away a free F-150 filled with an assortment of Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, and Assault Weapons, a lifetime supply of ammo, a membership to Metroflex, ten gallons of roids, 500lbs of C4 Pre Workout and 10,000lbs of protein powder to any man willing to F*** the shit out of her!!! I'm gonna Blast Nuts!!"

Bro- "Nuke Nutz"
by NewkNutz March 14, 2014
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