A smart, funny, and sexy girl who is always loyal to her friends. She is a beautiful, caring, and talented person. She loves to party and have fun! She is bubbly and bright.

simply beautiful, sweet, u wish u were her, boys fall over her, prettiest one in school, somehow her frends arent jealous, picky when it comes to boys, loves to flirt, very nice to everyone, weird around opposite sex, many frends that are great to her, athletic, short, sporty, and hot!
girl: omg look its blake, i wanna be her friend
guy: go talk to blake, she super sweet
by d.b b.p January 02, 2011
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A somewhat uncommon name for a male. Introverted, but hides it behind a disarming extroverted exterior. Intelligent, but doesn't always use his intelligence for the best purposes. Occupies a privileged position of (self-appointed?) superiority that makes him (often unfairly) critical of others.

Skin deep, a lover of classic films and cult hits alike, a music freak, a theater geek, and a writer. Likes black and goth and metal apparel. Has long hair, kept as neatly as possible on good days. Is of average attractiveness. Perhaps somewhat above-average.

Past the first layer is a persona concocted primarily to keep distance between himself and others. Superior, abrasive, arrogant, caustic, and vaguely unpleasant in a general sense. This means that most people don't get too close, but those that do are worth befriending.

Deeper still lurks a person ruled by contradictions. A dark romantic who believes in multiple true loves, but also is haunted by the fear that no one will ever fit just right. Paradoxically a possessor of both a superiority and inferiority complex. A liberal fountain of advice on all matters of love and life, but cannot take his own advice well. Advocates free expression, but probably couldn't even tell someone that he loves them without coaxing.

In short, a very interesting person with far too many issues. Will one day be a very happy and successful person, if he can find the right person to be happy for.
Guy 1: Damn, Blake is one messed up dude.
Guy 2: Yeah, little bit, but he's cool enough, I guess.
by A Guy Who Knows Things June 07, 2010
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Scrawny male who pretends to be a cool guy but is really a cry baby and cries whenever he loses. Usually has a face full of acne and gets terrible grades not because he doesn't try but because he's a dumbass with no common sense. Tends to be a man-whore who puts his tiny dick in whatever hoe he can find. Searches for pity in hot girls that would otherwise ignore him in hopes of getting their attention. Is cocky about sports that he sucks at.
Blake: hey
Hot Girl: ...
Blake: my dad hates me
Hot Girl: aw!
Blake: suck my dick?
Hot Girl: but your so ugly!
Blake: my dad hates me
Hot girl: aw ok I guess i'll do it
by holcamara July 10, 2015
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An amazing girl with a great personality. You will be blown away when you meet her. Can be a little wild but she will be worth it.
I wish I could be a Blake.
by hhood September 15, 2015
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To bail without verbal notification at the last minute on a large scale event that you may or may not have planned and to make yourself unreachable by cell phone, text, or email for the duration of the event and at least three days following.
Hey, where's the other groomsman? He's still in Phoenix. I knew he'd Blake.
by Mr. San Carlos July 10, 2008
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Blake is a guy who is nice at first then is a dick. dates you then your best friend and is a fuck boy. He lies, he will try anything in his power to date every girl that you know or in your school.
That boy Blake is a fucking dick.
by black to blue November 30, 2016
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Someone that captures your attention, then your heart before you notice. To some he looks like a mess of trouble; to others he is someone who deserves another chance. He is afraid of falling in love because he is afraid of being rejected by the one who means the most. He is outgoing but seems rather self absorbed. Don't let that fool you. When you get to know him he is an amazing person with a heart and feelings just like anyone else. He will go to any length to make sure you know how he feels about you. When you find him, don't ever let him go.
Person 1: Who is that?

Person 2: That's Blake. He's trouble, forget about him.
Person 1: Give him a chance, I think he could surprise you.
by *bucks2095 November 27, 2015
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