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A girl who makes a guy fall in love with her and after he does, she loses interest and breaks up with him.
by AJM1! June 02, 2015
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A female who feeds off of the mental, physical and material means of a male and then leaves him for dead.
A woman who sucks the life out of a male just like a black widow spider does, and then kills him after having her way with him.
by Psychological writer December 10, 2011
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1. A poisonous spider.
2. A disingenuous woman who exploits her position in a relationship to the detriment of her partner.
3. In the conflict between Russia and Chechnya, a Chechen widow whose husband died at the hands of the Russians and who consequently becomes a terrorist, usually a suicide bomber, herself.
Example of #3: Authorities found that several of the terrorists involved in the Beslan school massacre were so-called "Black Widows."
by Sam Sundquist November 01, 2004
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The girlfriend who causes their boyfriend to become a whipped man (a man who is controlled by their girlfriend).
My girlfriend's such a black widow, she got mad at at me when I kissed my mom!
by procrastinating pro June 21, 2016
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A woman who wraps her legs around the midsection and squeezes the shit out of her mate so that his attempt to pull out before orgasm fails and the man blows it inside the woman's vagina.

Often a black widow executes this movement during ovulation to hook her mate with a pregnancy bit. When this is the case, generally the black widow evolves into a baby momma
Dude 1: so, did you spiderman her or jeff or what?
dude 2: no bro, that bitch is a black widow. I hope she doesn't come up plump in a month and turn momma on me.
by Tranzilla August 30, 2006
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verb. (to black widow someone)
To break up with a guy right after he orgasms during sex. This is the point where a guy is the absolute most sensitive and is the most likely be the most hurt by it. (This is assuming you are already having sex with him.)
Jess: "I think I'm going to break up with my boyfriend tonight"
Julia: "Hey, you should black widow that douche nozzle!"
Jess: "Yeah, I bet he'll cry if I break up with him right after sex"
by brodyboy March 19, 2011
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To ejaculate in the articles of another person, so as to leave a hidden nasty surprise.
A few days ago Rob left a shoe sitting out, so I went ahead an black widowed him. I heard the shoe squelch when he put it on, and he didn't even know who did it!
by Blammo the Blam May 18, 2006
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