When a black person takes something a white person does and makes it better.
Lenny Kravit's put some black polish on his remake of American Woman
by please choose a name June 19, 2021
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Black nail polish, has been predominantly used in the goth culture, it was mainly a goth thing and also used by some rock and rollers "kiss", nowadays this trend is changing and just about everyone is using black nail polish so its no longer just a goth thing, it has become a trend. Black nail polish accentuates skin colour and makes you stand out, it can also be quite empowering, and give one a don't mess with them look!
I bought some black nail polish yesterday, it looks great against my skin tone.
by bambus10 April 6, 2008
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black nail polish is symbolic in the goth culture and is to create an impression, but modernly it has become more of a trend and no longer only symbolizes gothic or emo culture. Black nail polish is not neccasarily bad or stupid.
"OH black nail polish is so gorgeous!"
"Life sucks, time for a change."
by cornilia243 April 12, 2010
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Black is the only nail polish color that both genders like to wear.

Girls wear black nail polish because it's such a bold and incredibly sexy color. Guys (cis) wear it mostly as a fashion trend statement (e.g. social media fad) or to symbolize that they are affiliated with a certain cultural movement (e.g. goth, emo). Only some guys wear it without any externally-motivated reasons.

There is also a noticeable difference in HOW each gender wears it. Guys (cis) often do it hastily. They have no intention to fill the polish in completely, and prefer it chipped. Most would opt for matte black. This is likely to distance themselves from actually partaking in a feminine hobby, or to follow the trend. Thus for guys, it is only a means to an end. When girls wear it though, it will look unironically gorgeous and catches people's eyes. Most will get it done professionally, or do it themselves with unprecedented perfection. Girls will take the extra mile to use a base coat, and put a top coat over the black polish to make it nice and glossy. Girls also like their nails long and shaped. They'd look—as you'd expect—feminine.

Guys rocking black nails isn't anything new or remarkable, but it would take some real balls (i.e. devotion) to paint them in a sincere impeccable fashion as a girl would.
Me: Guess what?? I just bought some black nail polish
Emily: LOL, are you going to become an eboy or what?
Me: Nah, that's stupid. I just thought it would be nice to try it out.
Emily: Suuuuure
Me: Like, I'm not even joking. I even bought a gel top coat and a nail buffer! Honestly, chipped nails are so overrated. I want some of that professional salon-quality nails, you know what I'm sayin'?
Emily: Ooooo, well send me send some pics when you have them done!

Me, 10 minute later: *sends photo*
Emily: Holy shit, that's legit better than anything I've ever done.
by UwUltimateDoge March 15, 2021
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What eboys typically like to wear to complete the whole eboy look.
Jamie completed his eboy outfit by applying a layer of black nail polish on his fingernails. Even though it was neatly done, he scraped some of the polish off to get that chipped look.
by like, what the f May 16, 2021
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Means they are not out for coming gay or bisexual. Could give a hit to there real sexuality of being gay or bisexual.
The black nail polish defines “Hey do you like my nails” to another man as it “ hey are you attracted to me”

“John likes my black nails”
by Save BELM January 23, 2021
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A color of nail polish mainly used by the people us posers think of as "goths" or "punks". Accessivley used to draw attention usually towards cuts. Used way too much.
"OOoo Im going to go to Hot Topic just to get black nail polich so I can be called gothic, cut myself, and cry my eyeliner-bled eyes out. Then I will get a studed belt. I am so HxC!
by Sean Rayburn May 4, 2005
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