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The sweetest damn rhymes that you eva eva heard come outta a couple crackers in ND.
Damn, the Black Albinos performance last night was off the heezy.
by Michael Dean Ross August 17, 2005
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The act of being African American but at the same time having a white skin color because you are Albino.
1. Ryan is so black albino!
2. Alyssa wishes she was black albino!
by Ryan Kuraly September 28, 2008
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An albino women (or man) who has sex with a black women or man to create a Black Albino, the person with the rarest form of skin tone in the history of all existence. When you look at said person, you eyes are completely dumbfounded as they do not know whether or not the person is black or white. Really, the skin cells are arranged so that they are in an order. Black, white, black white, etc. This means that the Black Albino is both black and white, so anyone who looks at him or she will be confused.
"Oi, Tom, do you reckon the new kid is a Black Albino??" "Yeah Dude! I can't tell whether he is black or white!"
by MEEEEMES April 18, 2018
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