A nigga who don’t give a fuck about his life or future.
Your girl: he grabbed my ass
You: the nigga in the black Air Force 1
You: we just gonna act like it didn’t happen
by Loadingglokkz March 7, 2019
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The triple black af1 is known as the most devious shoe to ever be worn, if you see a young man / a group of young men wearing these shoes please run as far away as you possibly can and try to post your location on social media in case you get slaughtered
"Yo cuz i just got robbed for my chain and watch"
"What was the dude wearing bruh, we finna hunt his ass down"
"He was wearing them triple black space academy 1s or whatever"
"OH HELL NAW, u mean black air force 1s, we gotta stay away or we gonna get shot, just go buy a new chain"
by stomp on children in black af1 November 20, 2022
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ANYONE I mean ANYONE wears this shoe (except for white men) are DANGEROUS. If you see someone with black air force 1s RUN. or at least be cautious they have committed crimes not even imaginable stay safe out there 🔥
This dude has beated up black air force 1s hell nah im runnin away from him
by themenace2 June 9, 2023
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A crazy ass nigga with no regard for his or other’s lives, This nigga will fight 10x harder than any other nigga, if it can be helped stay away from a nigga with black forces
Kiswoo. Kiswoo has black Air Force 1’s stay away from him
by Kiswoo October 20, 2019
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