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A Norwegian name meaning bear.
Usually a foreign guy; for example an exchange student from Norway or surrounding countries.

Known for his ability to entertain, being a badass and charm the American ladies.
-Dude, did you hear about that Bjarne kid?
-Yea, man. He is supposed to be one crazy-ass Norwegian!!
by Bjønnen sjølv June 10, 2009
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Scared of beetles;runs, plays, act like a girl ; Homo; Bi
Ficus: Hey i saw Bjarne in the gay bar

Fern: really! i saw one too

Ficus: yes he was actually with another Bjarne who touched each others BALLS!!!

by Season BJ July 25, 2008
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person 1: did u see bjarne
laura: yes he's the one with the tiny dick. u need one of the magnifying things to see it. possibly even a microscope
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