Combination of words Bitch Azz Ho thus spawn evil Bizo!
#1:Hey Casper Don't Be Trippin' On That Bizo~ We All Had Her Before! Think Of Her As A Stepping Stone-

Casper: You're Right Man, She Is Just A Bitch Ass Ho!!
by xXxLOONZxXx August 3, 2008
An Australian term used for business men and women who do things like wear suits and carry satchels. These people are typically found in the city.
I can’t go street skating on week days because they’re are too many bizos in the way
by Jam0s1er October 20, 2021
You a bizo, forshizzo my nizzo
by Bud_true69 September 14, 2003
another way of saying da bomb
man them sneakers is da bizo
by Neci May 13, 2005
a word to describe alex ingenpoopoo when she’s being a freak and a bizo
alex stop being a bizo and do your work!!!!(&(&4@68
by jajawaw May 9, 2022