I do this most of the time (unless I'm wearing my lip gloss)
1. I'm nervous about something
2. I'm thinking about something

3. When my lips go dry

4. If I'm feeling cold
5. It doesn't mean I want to kiss you
Biting lips isn't always lewd
by Devilish ✨ July 14, 2022
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when you squint your eyes raise your eyebrows and bite your lip
person: *bites lip*
another one: your so sexy aha *bites lip*
by julietyourlocalrat April 19, 2021
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when someone sees or feels something that is sexually arousing
non-verbal communication which is seductive to suggest or promote sex and wellbeing
wow I had a super hot date last night, I bit my lip

would you like to come over tonight, to bite my lip

hey babe, I need some new toys can we please bite my lip

really, can't make it over, no worries, I'll bite my lip

omg I cannot wait any longer, bite my lip
by bitemylip11 February 25, 2019
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as in "she bites her lip,” referencing the tendency of modest females to bite their lip in order not to moan audibly when in sexual pleasure
1) A reference to a girl that is sexually active, but discreetly so
2) A girl that is lustful or wanton, but only in private setting
She's had sex? I thought she was a virgin!
Yeah, well, she bites her lip.

You'd never guess it, but she is a tiger in bed.
I guess she bites her lip.
by mk1 May 1, 2007
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Bite your lip: shut up.

Bite your lip: a sign (possibly unintentional) of sexual interest.

Bite your lip: to keep quiet during sex

Bite your lip: to keep a sexy secret.
As Noah reveals his huge cock, you bite your lip, fighting the urge to scream at the size of it.
by TheGoldenGlitch August 24, 2021
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What you do when you want to be fucked so bad but don't want to say anything.
I had to hide my need for him by lip biting.
by Irenelundy October 20, 2013
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it’s an addiction that some people all, not all people have it and if you do have this addiction you’re awesome! this addiction requires you to bite the bottom of your lip repeatedly just whenever you feel like, and sometimes you won’t even notice. sometimes people thinks it’s “hot”, “cute”, or “attractive” whenever others do this.
guy #1 bro, that girl morgan has a serious lip biting problem.

guy #2 yea, bro, it’s kinda hot not going to lie.
by mae williams August 16, 2019
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