An adjective describing the extreme and bitter toughness of certain activities. Bitches be hard.
Nick: "Yo Tommy, how was dat chem test?"
Tommy: "That shit was fucking bitch hard"
Nick: "Aww shit"
by tomdawg August 30, 2012
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Some hard-ass shoes or pair of clothing that go really hard
“Yo have you seen the Travis Scott kicks?” “ them bitches go hard
by Gr4mm4r_ April 26, 2020
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Simply, a cold tough woman, especially one who leads men on, have their fun and then ditch them. Also, it's the title of a 2004 hit by the band Jet, which hails from Down Under.
Ami keeps leading Keith on, they're both blitzed, but she's gonna get all she can from him and then drop him like a rock. She's a cold hard bitch.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 21, 2007
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Not necessarily "rock hard" but hard enough for the bitch.
It pertains to either something with difficulty or the male genitals/penis.
-"That test was bitch-hard!"
-"Dude my dick is bitch-hard, shit man."
by AsianAlmighty January 10, 2014
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