Sorry, I can't hang out tonight. I have to watch the biscuits.
by CArocks August 11, 2012
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The region of your body located on your upper back undeneath your shoulder blades. Also known as back titties.
I just grabbed your biscuits!
My god, you have rather large biscuits!
by johntrau February 04, 2009
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A game where a couple of guys get in a circle and do a little wackage of the package on a biscuit and the last one to splurge on it has to eat it.
Mcnasty pervs play this game. Yes, homo's play Biscuit.
by kongos with the bongos December 04, 2009
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An insult that consists of every insult on earth. Such as asshole, bitch, cunt..., etc
Someone: I took your last pop-tart
Me: You’re a fucking biscuit
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by Everyoneisabiscuit October 13, 2019
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Bristolian (City in the South West of England) term for attractive Women or Man, used primarily when showing your interest in the person/s good looks in public will result in a Slap or insult!. (code in close quarters)
(standing in a line waiting to enter night clubs surrounded by attractive women or men) "Oh My, there are biscuits everywhere tonight, yeah she's really biscuits!. and so on..
by shooka May 02, 2005
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Sometimes used as a term to talk about a hocckey puck
Wayne put the biscuit in the back of the garbage can.
by Brian November 29, 2003
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