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The act of one man masturbating while towering above a group of chicks, as the women wait with great excitement (open-mouthed and straining necks) and anticipation for the man to ejaculate into their mouths.

When the man does shoot his load, the women eagerly cajole with each other to get a taste of the man cream, and greedily devour the spunk as though their lives depended on it.
This emulates the way chicks in a nest anticipate the food (often worms) their mother may bring to them. Upon tasting the worms the chicks become increasingly excited and eager to get as much of the worms as possible, often fighting for the best position, and largest portion of food.
This scenario is often witnessed in porn videos, and often follows the man having vaginal or anal sex with one of the women before the women partake in the birds nesting. However, it doesn’t have to be exclusively in porn videos.
Man: “Sweetheart, my balls are as hard as rock, and waiting to blow. Why don’t you invite a couple of your girlfriends round, for a bit of birds nesting?”

Girlfriend: “I thought you’d never ask, darling.”
by bob's mullet July 09, 2010
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to put your ballsack or testies in a womens hairy vagina and have you penis or slong sitting overtop on their belly and then just sit wierdly and wait to se what happens
i was birdsnesting my mother last night and my dad walked in with my sister while they were birdsnesting upside down. ( isnt an example but its still pretty funny)
by adin butler and justin uglem December 03, 2011
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