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Birdin is a common sight on any given weekend at any given location, but is also a major factor in the lives of many during the week aswell.
Birdin can take many different forms, from Birdin someone in a pub or club, to texting someone copiously in the hope of getting birded later on in time with that person. When someone is birdin, they are considered to be 'on the bird'.

Birdin, although historically a male dominated environment, is now also opening up to female birders. They are to be seen operating in the same way as the traditional male birders, and also in the same locations although they have by now developed some new and advanced techniques of their own, to capture the 'bird'.

Famous birders include:
- Henry VIII, who of course managed not only to bird 6 women, but also to get married to them, although, somewhat unsuccessfully in many cases.

- Casanova

- Romeo (as in Romeo and Juliet).
Guy 1 - "i'm going on the bird tonight, mate."
Guy 2 - "what about that girl who was birdin on you last night?"
Guy 1 - "she's an amateur birder"
by Ffi November 28, 2008
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