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Insultive term used for females who are boobless and males who have no muscle definition.
Damn, that bitch has a bird chest not even a bevel!
Dude, you need to work out, you have a bird chest.
by KILLKEV October 15, 2004
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Only found on males. Havin no muscles so your ribs stick out like a bird cage, hince the term bird chest.
That lil nigga was so weak i crushed his punk ass bird chest wit one blow.
by adam February 25, 2005
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a chest that is indented. this is caused by many forms of hepatitis.
How can that birdchest breathe?
by mike godard March 15, 2003
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Birdchest, a. (n.)
1. An uncontrollable, outward force that begins within the thoracic region of the body and transcends the individual herself.
2. A momentary shalom with all things.
3. A feeling: beautifully chaotic, supernaturally-inspired, the response to the goodness of God, the summation of all the wonder and awe that He is worthy of.
4. The natural response to the perfect collison of all lives, events, circumstances, etc. according to her best andbecause of His perfect orchestration of all things; because of the greatness, goodness, and faithfulness of God.
5. The posture of people when the most high God responds to their cries and takes their hearts into the unique visions toward which they have edged. The state to which people are rendered when much visible and hidden preparation has been revealed in this clear, epiphanic moment.
6. A violent—but beautiful—explosion of the chest. A bursting.
6.a. Clarification: Though it is not violent in a negative or hurtful sense, it is certainly not safe. Indeed, the state is unsafe and risky—and full of glory.
artist's representation of birdchest:
by jansk August 27, 2009
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