Birching is an intense form of pining
Why doesn't he just go out and get a life and stop birching?
by Undokey August 31, 2006
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Birch beer - it's like root beer except

Made from the sap that comes from

Birch trees .

Very popular in Pennsylvania
Guy 1 : what's birch beer ?

Guy 2 : it's what they drink down in Pennsylvania

Guy 1 : so I take it it's like root beer

Guy 2 : yep
by Blu_leef August 12, 2019
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A blond girl that is average in height. She doesn't brush her teeth and loves to chew on her own toe jam. She's also a stalker.
"that person is a real ashley birch"
by duck kid January 18, 2018
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as in Birch Run, Michigan.
a smaller town in Saginaw County.
a farm town with a large outlet mall.
that everyone in Michigan knows as "that place with the mall."
"where are you from?"
"Birch Run."
"That place with the mall?"
by oliveoyl July 11, 2008
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A self centered jypsy who loves guys and lives on a fairground and is a "chef" that cooks horse meet burgers
by banandhdb December 9, 2014
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beautiful person, also very talented. duck you adrian
"krystal's a lil birch"
by September 9, 2016
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