The act of stalking a person's various saved documentation (such as social media, film reels, leaked recording in private settings etc.) in a quest to find something offensive and frivolous they may have said at any point in the past, regardless of what age or personal growth said person may have gone through since the time of. Disproportionately utilized against people who have made some kind of name for themselves in some way, shape or form since no one cares if Joe Nobody ever said something dumb.
Man 1: Josh Allen said the n-word on twitter back in 2012 when he a junior in high school! What a totally racist asshole!

Man 2: Dude, EVERYONE has said stupid shit at some point in their life, ESPECIALLY high schoolers! I'm not going to chastise someone for something obviously nonsensical they said as a dumb kid, where the only difference is that he was unfortunate enough to say it in a place that saves everything as opposed to normal face to face conversation. Especially when it's totally a coincidence it only came out after he became famous. Quit birching and get a real fucking hobby.

Sean Schemmel: Vic Mignogna's a homophobic piece of shit!
Dragonball fans: Hey Sean care to say anything about that leaked audio of you saying a homophobic slur while doing Goku's voice like 10 times in 9 seconds?
Sean Schemmel's: Hey that's not fair, this stuff is only valid when I'M not the one getting birched!!!
by Assey McGee August 29, 2019
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An application of birch twigs to the bare posterior of a miscreant of misbehaving person. The goal of this is to provide an attitude correction. In past years the process was used by husbands to correct their wives, giving rise to old English "rule of thumb" that is you were not legally allowed to birch your wife with a stick that is larger in diameter than your thumb. Sort of counter productive anyway because the best birch branches to use are about 1/4" in diameter and freshly cut so as to be flexible and whippy. The process of birching often requires the woman to prepare her own birch.

In the case of submissive women receiving a birching often gives rise to strong sexual desires and a feeling of contentment and calm.
Elly, I see you have exceeded the budget for your credit card this month. Go cut a switch for yourself and prepare yourself for a birching.
by canem September 04, 2009
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the practice of chewing twigs; predating Islamic culture, chewing twigs was the only source for oral hygiene. This trend has died with the evolution of toothbrushes and toothpaste, but recent scientific research still regards chewing twigs at the same orally hygienic standard as the toothbrush.
"what are you . . . chewing on a stick?"
"No, I'm birching."
by Richard Seguritan April 01, 2007
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(n) plural: -es / a set of people that are not bound by the limitations alcoholism/addiction/sanity
"Girl, you my birch"

"Ain't gonna' cut down this birch tree"

by v0mitt January 28, 2014
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the promenade in the heart of Brea, California. Often referred to as Birch Street. Basically, the only fucking thing to do in Brea if your under 18 and can't drink or party. Includes two movie theaters and various shops, and is very close to the mall. Kids swarm it on the weekend, the place to go, when your not at the mall or at school or something elsee unimportant.

Pretty much truee. Yeahh i live theree. :
BOY 1 "Sheeeeeet Sonn, You going to Birchh tonight?"
BOY 2 "Hell Yeahh. Got no where elsee to be."
GIRL 1 "Heyy, wanna hang out this weekendd?"
GIRL 2 "Hmmm, Birchh?"
GIRL 1 "Suree, unless you wanna go to the mall."

by Kay-teaaaa (: February 28, 2008
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1. A red Bull and Vodka

2. A derogatory term for someone you don't want to call an outright bitch.

3. A name to address a crowd of people by
1. I am thirsty, im gonna drink a fuckin birch

2. fuck that birch

3. what's up birches? Someone bring me a birch
by T. Pace October 24, 2007
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