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Also known as manic depression (dated), bipolar affective disorder is a severe, debilitating psychiatric illness characterised by alternating periods of elevated mood and energy levels (mania or, if milder, hypomania) and lowered mood and energy levels (depression). It runs on a continuum from subsyndrominal to extremely severe but is generally regarded as one of the more serious mental illnesses, esp. in its classic form (type I). During severe manic or depressive episodes (particularly the former), psychosis may emerge, often making it indistinguishable to schizophrenia. Often trivialised in popular culture and trivialised as "just mood swings", it is, in actual fact, one of the most severe psychological conditions and hell on Earth for those who genuinely suffer from this devastating disease, as well as for those around them.
Bipolar disorder is a cruel affliction.
by Doc_B April 13, 2015
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A mental illness where the sufferer experiences episodes of depressed and manic states. During the depression periods the sufferer has feelings of worthlessness and deflation. Manic episodes are characterised by opposite thoughts, where the person can be hyperactive, talk very quickly, make rash decisions and be dominated by thoughts of sex. Often during these episodes the sufferer is unaware of what they are doing and will deny anything is wrong with them.
A girl I know called Nichola has Bipolar Disorder but she is unaware that her actions when she is manic make her unbearable to work with. Deep down I know that she is a sweet girl but she won't listen to any advice I give her. I wish she would seek help otherwise she will end up a very lonely individual
by Craig November 03, 2004
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Struggling with bi Polar disorder are often misdiagnosed. According to the DSM-IV, some clinicians may misdiagnose bi polar disorder with schizophrenia in varying ethnic groups and in younger people. In fact, the manic behavior of a Bi Polar 1-hallusinations, paranoia, delusions, believing one is divinely inspired-is nearly indistinguishable from the manners of schizophrenia. Bi Polar disorder on the other hand can be diagnosed by blood testing and treated with lithium. Cronic, highs and low episodes. Also seen in Bi polar 11 disorder. The extreme “high’ cycle. Secondly bi polar and schitzophrenics are are distinguished by emotion, or lack their of, that informs mania i.e. mood congruent and the diagnoses is likely to be bi polar. Interestingly enough people with this disorder feel the raciness and expanded emotion, fear, and or even delusion themselves as a God, or person with a high stature in society. Increasing with age. Manic attacks can be dangerous, sleep difficulty’s, obsessions with sex and or sexual behavior, creating different characters on irc sites. ECT studies help this diagnoses. Dating to 1934. Posting damaging false reality statements about past relationships is a key factor in diagnosing such an illness.
A Bi Polar person will spend many hours in denial about ones self and perceptions posting irate story’s in disconnected ways about others to live in denial of ones own disorder. Related to Bi Polar disorder are Dythymia and Cylothymia. They are both a more mild form of bi Polar disorder but have some of the same distinguishing characteristics. The helping hint is that they can be treated with SSRI’s and or momomine oxcides a higher class of drug for severe cases.

That is a false sense of security needed by the Bi Polar mind. More so in men we see these used as a weapon to combat the illusion “all-or-nothing,” suicidal rage like shooting, hanging, or carbon monoxide uses. The 8th leading cause of unwanted death in the US.

In short understanding this disorder is on the top of my priority list in psychotherapy and a cure for people. It helps to view the mania associated with this disorder on a full scale here to find the best form of helping future family and friends suffering from this disorder. They also have a high level of a high and flight reflex in relationships. Most turn to drug abuses and or Alcoholic abuses to combat theses emotions often times making the manic attacks worse and dangerous for the person.
by Wlfdg8Is<3notAfight3r January 21, 2010
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AKA manic-depressive disorder. This is when a person gets really sad for some time, crying for no reason, contemplating suiceide, avoiding people, stuff like that. Then, one day it'll be over and they'll be all happy-go-crazy and stuff, buying a lot of stuff, turning promiscuous, and showing a general ecstacy and lack of foresight. This is a serious psychological disorder and should not be taken lightly. If you or a friend show signs of being bipolar seek help IMMEDIATELY! With proper support it is easy to treat.
Yo, when's Bipolar Bill gonna get out of his depressive phase?

I dunno, but I sure hope he's manic by Friday. That party'll be so much more awesome with his wild and crazy side there.
by Melanie October 13, 2003
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bi.po.lar dis.or.der |bīˈpōlər-disˈôrdər|

Condition given to women's nipples that do not point in a parallel direction, instead the nipples are oriented on opposite poles of the breasts. Usually these nipples can be found on the extreme right and extreme left of a women's breasts.
Sean: Dude look at Shelly's boobs...they are so perfect.
David: nahh man, her nips are pointing in different directions. I think she has Bipolar Disorder.
Sean: Yeah, she might even have lazy nips.
by Sir_Ramsalot March 14, 2011
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