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The word one screams in agony when they found out that they've done PCR or gel electrophoresis more than they have hung out with friends. (This excludes doing PCR or gel electrophoresis with friends.)
"Jody, when was the last time you hung out with your friends?"

"Uh... OH, ****ING BIOTECH."
by melmelon October 02, 2011
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1) An interesting misspelling of the word "bitch," usually used in a good way.

2) Bio-Technology

3) Add the word "Sexy" in front of it, and you get Connie.
Connie is such a sexy biotech.
by AngryChicken January 09, 2006
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The ultimate end-all to an argument. There is no worthy come-back after this word is used.
Person 1: Jesus Christ, you're such a goddamn Biotech.

Person 2: Dude...what the f#ck...
by Jeremy H. March 01, 2008
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