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The sexual act of having the Male sit on the ladder or step of a pool and the female kneeling down in the water and simultaniously jerking and sucking him off resulting in the movement of a seahorse.
Wow my balls are totally drained from Lucretia giving me a Bionic Seahorse.
by Imajerk78 September 18, 2006
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the bionic seahorse is a sex position featured in dane cook's vicious circle. it is the move in which the man raises one of his legs (as if he were stretching his quads), holds on to his foot, and does the motion of a seahorse moving through the water.
i totally cheated on tina with martin who can totally do the bionic seahorse
by steve liu October 31, 2007
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a sex move made up my dane cook. where you pick up you leg and move it back and forth. and you hold your head
"when you cheating on some one you do all the thinkg your partner would not do like the bionic sea horse" dane cook
by soupisgood08 June 21, 2009
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An act of sex where the man pulls his legs behind his head and puts his penis in between them so it juts outward. Then the woman rides the penis until she has an orgasm.
Man: Hey baby, you wanna bang?
Woman: Eh, what can you do?
Man: I can pull off the bionic seahorse
Woman: Oh my goodness, lets bang right here in the bar
by Thatoneguywhoeatskids August 07, 2011
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Preferred pool activity of Megan Huber and Andrew Tuwiler.
Also know as the most magical sex position to be performed in a pool
it is done by spreading females legs and place upon the males shoulders the rest is simply the prefer ed mating method.
Variations include : Semi-bionic Seahorse, the Whoping Seahorse, and the Wobbling Seahorse
"Bro, that was the best bionic seahorse ever. I had the bitch in the pool for 2 hours , seahorsing me all the way" :D
by MEGAN :D August 16, 2011
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A sexual position in which the person who will be penetrated puts their legs behind their head. After doing so the person who will do the act of penetrating commences with penetration.
She's really flexible man, she can do a Bionic Seahorse!!!
by Syd Manson December 28, 2009
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