Extreme 'banter' towards a single person of whom is unaware of the mean intent.
Omg that rather large fellow just drank piss... This is great binter
by Sam almond October 27, 2014
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Going to a Beach at Winter.
*Man1 goes to beach* man 2: What you do yesturday man1? Man1: Binter
by chrisdomeanddunk December 5, 2008
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shit female banter

Combination of the word 'bint' (a derogatory word for a member of the female sex) and 'banter'
Girl tells a shit joke...

by knaps January 18, 2011
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Many have sought after the one known as "The Binter". Certainly he is the "Principium Bogosis", or the initial principle of the "Bogos". As to the precise identity, objective, and location of "The Binter", who among us may say? Who hath in secret had his photos printed, without also wondering if his "Bogos" may be binted. Who hath sought to pick up a photo from the printer, without considering also a "Bogos" from "The Binter". Who hath embraced the beauty of the printing, yet not trembled before the horror of the BINTING? Who hath frolicked amongst the prints, yet not trembled amongst the bints? Truly this mystery is beyond us to know, we can all but grasp at the mystery of "The Binter".
Your friend: "If Photos are printed, that implies a Printer. If Bogos are Binted, does that imply the existence of "The Binter"?

You: "Truly, who can say"?
by Disciple of the Binter September 8, 2021
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