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An amazing device that holds up your newspaper, so you don't have to.
That Binski is great. I want a Binski. I need a Binski.
by Jane1Jane October 17, 2008
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One who smells bad and talks too much, annoying and throws coniption fits, sits at his desk and sword fights with pens, sucks a volley ball.
When somebody is sitting at there desk doing all of the above, or really sucking at volley ball...
by Peter Griffin March 09, 2005
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^ must obviously not know the trueness of binski
binski=daleetz0rz m4st3r haxz0rz
that pwnz all dan00bs alot like the Peter Griffen guy whose defined the earlier binski
whose that d00d wh0 pwnz all d0s nubs
by dan00btr0n April 18, 2005
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a lazy fat man who usually has a smokin mother.
john: wow that man is fat
steve: yea he's a binski
by ruben boone September 24, 2008
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